Intuitive Life Coaching

While psychotherapy focuses on the past, coaching  looks at where you are now and where you want to go. I specialize in a unique highly effective energy psychology method which will help you to release blocks and fears that have held you back and will help you create new neural pathways.
This method, along with many years of education in psychology, metaphysical work, professional intuitive reading and alternative energy healing modalities, gives me a wealth of insight to guide you through life’s difficult experiences to find relief and transformation. Together we will create a new blueprint that can be used to create the body, business or relationship you envision for yourself. 

Relationship Coaching Program It is designed to identify and release any stories that may prevent you from conscious authentic relationships. The result is also greater self love and self worth.

Abundance Coaching Program It takes a fresh and personal look at your relationship with abundance and wealth in your life.  It helps you  remove the obstacles and reveal the hidden pathways on your personal journey to prosperity.

Weight Loss Coaching  Program Once you learn how to release the weight of the world, manage difficult emotions and develop better energetic protection, you will finally be able to release the excess weight accumulated on your body!

Intuition Coaching Program It is a modern unique method of accessing the greater consciousness and bridging synchronicity as it applies to the individual and their personal experience. 

Single Coaching Session 
Cash or check                                                             60 min     $150

Credit card                                                                  60 min     $155

Coaching Package
Cash or check                                                   12 sessions     $1799

Credit card                                                        12 sessions     $1845
(includes personal aromatherapy healing blend, 
personal healing salt & 3 crystal mat healing sessions)


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