Weight Loss

The biggest problem people have relating to weight is empathy overload. This often results in eating to calm that energy in order to feel grounded. As your coach I will support you in alleviating the symptoms of feeling too much by providing techniques that are specifically designed to help you. I will skillfully  guide you to greater health and well-being! There is a wealth of information to help you with food choices, general health, and exercises to help you calm and handle subtle energies that affect you on many levels. This is a very comprehensive program that will help you shed unwanted pounds, energies we take on consciously and unconsciously as well as habits that are not healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will peel away layer after layer of all that is no longer in your best interest as you emerge into your new, more vibrant, healthy Self. 

Program includes powerful Amethyst BioMat Detoxification & Slimming treatments

Single Coaching Session 

Cash or check                                                  60 min     $150

Credit card                                                      60 min     $155

Coaching Package

Cash or check                                           12 sessions     $1799

Credit card                                               12 sessions     $1865

(includes personal aromatherapy healing blend, personal healing salt & 3 crystal mat healing sessions)

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