Seashell Healing
The beauty and shapes of the shells are so powerfully associated with healing energy. Shells are natural, organic and have an energy frequency about them. The atoms that form them are moving, alive and generate a vibrational frequency. Each shell has it's own energy and healing properties. That energy, along with the healing intention from the client and practitioner, create a wonderful environment of relaxation. Shell Energy  treatments include aromatherapy, Reiki and other energy work.
Chakra Balancing 
The Chakra Balancing utilized beautifully colored seashells from around the world which are placed on and around the client during the treatment. Session includes balancing chakras and energy fields and release all of the negative emotions. Energy work, music, aromatherapy and the use of color and sound are included in the session.
     White Shell Energy Cleansing 
Reiki and other healing energy work is used during the treatment. Healing intention is used along with aromatherapy for the purpose of hightening the client's own healing and clearing channels. 
Healing Journey 
The Healing Journey is intended to heighten the client's sensory perception and connection to their inner guidance. Session also includes: breath-work, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy and guided imagery. 

                             Cash or check             60 min    $150  

                                 Credit card               60 min     $155