Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Bodywork
Lomi Lomi is an ancient Polynesian bodywork which was practiced by the Kahunas (Hawaiian Master Healers) to transform & completely balance all aspects of self to create harmony & flow in a person's being, leaving a sense of a person's true and unique self. This sacred Hawaiian healing can produce powerful spiritual experiences and heightened states of awareness. The lomi lomi practitioner focuses on blockages within the physical or energetic body, using breath, movement and intention to release and free you from anything blocking the flow of your physical, emotional, spiritual or mental health.  Lomi Lomi  a prayer in motion and  complete spiritual and physical ritual that continues with internal and external cleansing making you feel nurtured, balanced, and ready to move into positive creative life choices. 

60 min session 
Cash or check                           60 min     $175
Credit card                              60  min    $180