Distance Healing

I design a unique crystal grid for distance healing sessions. The different stones connected in a sacred, geometric pattern create a vortex of healing energy. I then align these energies to you with your healing intention and an angel card I draw specifically for your session. I use aromatherapy as well. The aromatherapy oils work on a vibratory level, affecting your energetic field without having to be applied physically. The frequency of oils is raised in combination with intent and prayer.To top it off, I send this energy out with Reiki & Hawaiian healing.

What is Crystal healing good for? 

Balancing your emotional/physical/spiritual energies 
Cleansing your Aura 
Healing through traumatic events; heartbreak, loss, stress, relationship issues
Opening and balancing the Chakras 
Soothing and healing disease in the body 

My process:
I create your crystal grid and leave it on my healing altar for 2-4 days (1-2 days to detox and 1-2 days to heal). Within those 2-4 days stay open to the energy flow. The results are amazing.

Cash or check                                            60 min     $150

Credit card                                                 60  min    $155

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