Breakthrough Session

In The Breakthrough Session we focus on one area of your life where you would like to see the most improvement. 
Choose your own breakthrough adventure: 
Career, Relationships, Personal Development, Spirituality, Family, or Health and Fitness. 

We get to the root of the problem in that area of your life, we clear out the emotional baggage, we remove the internal conflicts, and then we completely restructure your patterns and internal strategies for success in that area. 

You will get the kind of results that are typical from 1-2 years of therapy in one session.
You can reprogram your brain to help you achieve anything that you set your mind to do! 

The Breakthrough Session is an intense and highly effective experience that lasts 5-10 hours. 
It can be done in a single session or split over 2 consecutive days.


Cash or check                                             5 h (can last up to 10 h)    $1500

Credit card                                                  5 h (can last up to 10 h)     $1540

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