Art Therapy

Therapy can be defined as something that gives you skills to solve life problems, heal emotional or psychological issues and make life more enjoyable. 
It is about connecting with, accepting, communicating and acting from your felt sense or a deeper level inside you. It is not about doing good art, it does not matter what the art looks like, what matters is does it give you a new perspective, help you get in touch with your feeling and help you make changes.
In art therapy sessions we may draw, paint or work in clay. 

Sand Play Therapy
Sand is tactile and provides a total kinesthetic involvement. It is a safe protected place where the unconscious knowing can emerge in a meaningful and tangible way. People use the sand tray for story telling, creating future scenarios and for problem solving.

Joseph Campbell in the Power of Myth wrote, "Making a mandala is a discipline for pulling all those scattered aspects of your life together, for finding a center and ordering yourself to it." Creating a mandala can be a way to focus, slow down racing thoughts and help create a mindful meditative state.

Creating an anger doll helps you see what your anger looks like. Doll making can be used in recovery work as a way to talk to or reclaim the inner child who was abused. Creating a doll can be a way to learn to play again.

                  Cash or check           60 min     $150

                   Credit card               60 min     $155


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